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shawngullixsonIt’s Shawn Gullixson’s turn to tell us his perspective on Colorado Springs! We’ll see you tonight at the launch!

1. Tell us about yourself!

I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for twenty three years. I’m a banking professional of over ten years. I work for Vectra Bank in management and business lending. I’m very passionate about our community and helping those around me to succeed. If my time spent in the community makes even a slight difference in the quality of life for my two daughters I have succeeded. My daughters are twelve and four, and pretty much the coolest kids around. I intend to raise my family in Colorado Springs and work alongside the many great people I’ve met to make Colorado Springs an even better community.

2. What are the top 3 issues you see facing Colorado Springs?

In no particular order:

1. A clear identity and vision. I see this evolving even today and I’m excited to see an entire community rally around a single vision for our city. Collaboration, collaboration, and collaboration.
2. Potholes. Storm water. Succession Planning. Infill versus sprawl.
3. Apparently we are rated as a top city for dating…that’s an issue…because I don’t believe we should false advertise when attracting and retaining our young professionals.

3. What do you love about Colorado Springs?

Probably the same things everyone loves, the outdoors and many recreational opportunities. You can add sunshine to that list. I like that it’s not Denver. I love that we are working so hard to create a community that’s unique to any other in the country. And I like that in Colorado Springs you can easily make an impact in the change and growth of the city. I will continue to advocate for a slogan change that says, “Colorado Springs, More Than a Mile High”!

4. What would you change about Colorado Springs?

I would break down the community silos! I feel each area of our community has something special to offer. We need folks to step out of their comfort zone and explore more of our community. I hope that one day our downtown serves as a collision point for all residents in Colorado Springs and empowers us to do more within our own neighborhoods to create community synergy. I hope young entrepreneurs continue to break down barriers and start their businesses in Colorado Springs.

5. Would you ever consider running for office in Colorado Springs?

If I felt I could add value and have an impact in the respective position, yes I would.

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