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Posted on Aug 8, 2015 | 0 comments

russwareOur Fresh Perspective Profile this week comes from Russ Ware!

1. I’ve been a resident of downtown Colorado Springs since spring of 2011, living just a couple of blocks from The Wild Goose Meeting House, which I opened with business partner Yemi Mobolade in November of 2013. My family of 8 has been in Colorado since moving from Texas to the Wet Mountain Valley, near Westcliffe, in 2008. But, I am so glad to be based now in The Springs – and love being a part of a new wave of economic and community development, especially in the downtown area!

2. Top 3 issues facing our city…

i. We need better communication and understanding between younger and more established voices.

ii. We need a more unified vision for what the future of our city could/should be.

iii. We need a smart plan to shore up infrastructure in line with that broader vision. And that clear vision needs to drive people’s willingness to pay for the infrastructure improvements.

3. I love the potential I see in our city. We sit in a geographical location that is ideal to build a thriving, forward thinking community that is in line with healthy living, forward thinking, innovation and a robust community spirit.

4. I would like to see future development in our city turn from the worn-out default of suburban sprawl and big-box commercial culture. This model does nothing to build the character or culture of a city, and does, at best, a poor job at building community connection and forward thought.

5. Currently, I’m looking forward to the prospect of joining one of the downtown boards, and this will be a first, tiny step for me in terms of investing more time into the direction of, at least, our little area of the city. I’m interested to see how that goes. Business and family concerns make the prospect of ever running for future office in our city seem a little daunting. But, I’m open to the possibility down the road.

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